Scheme of organization of the construction of a waste disposal enterprise.

The scheme of organization of the construction of an enterprise for waste disposal.

To form a proposal for the implementation of a project for the construction of a waste processing enterprise in the area of your territorial formation, our company needs to receive:
1) data on the volumes of current waste available for delivery to the enterprise (radius up to 100 km) and data on active and closed landfills for solid waste disposal (location, area, volumes of waste);
2) data on a potential site for construction (more than 12 hectares, the presence of paved roads for freight transport, the presence of a freight railway station nearby, the presence of an electrical connection of 3-6 MW, the possibility of obtaining technical water). Based on these data, a preliminary feasibility study will be provided with indicative data on economic efficiency and a scheme for implementing the construction of the plant.

Information sheet on waste:
There is the best technology for two-stage plasma gasification today - RadGas, which allows you to get H2 ("green") energy purity, pure CO2 ("green") and inert mineral slag (it can also be used as a substrate in the construction of roads similar to metallurgical slag).  as "waste" in the production of H2).
Greenhouses will create new jobs and displace some imported products such as asparagus from the market of the district and region, plus this addition of the greenhouse to fish production for the disposal of plant residues, plus the creation of an enterprise for processing products of a fish enterprise and greenhouses into semi-finished products for the market of the district, region and with the possibility of export.

The possibility of obtaining H2 during the processing of these solid wastes will allow it to be offered both for export to the EU (by rail containers) and for sale to the infrastructure of hydrogen transport, chemical and metallurgical industries of Ukraine. Of particular value will be the possibility of creating a transport infrastructure based on hydrogen by the district, which will be the safest environmental option. These include the creation of a network of hydrogen filling stations based on existing gas stations and the transfer of freight transport to hydrogen through the gradual replacement of "dirty" trucks with hydrogen fuel cells (for example, the whirlpool of Hyundai, Korea) and partnerships with Korean, American and European hydrogen equipment manufacturers with the possibility of organizing joint ventures in the area with the creation of new jobs.

It is advisable to transfer the entire passenger and freight transport infrastructure of the area to hydrogen buses and trucks. A possible partner of the hydrogen infrastructure project can be Pivdenmash, which is already mastering the production of hydrogen engines for freight transport and locomotives by order of Czech partners.

There is a well-known EU program "green hydrogen" and a fixed purchase price for this product. There is a value of quotas for CO2 emissions (in our case, CO2 from organic matter is captured by plants in the greenhouse), which can be either sold to enterprises of the district at special prices to maintain their export capacity to the EU countries (carbon tax from 2025) or simply sold at market prices for Ukrainian enterprises.

Public organization "Sustainable Development Fund of Ukraine" makes efforts to optimize and decarbonize the energy, industrial and communal sectors of our country through participation in the modernization of the energy component of enterprises and organizations and the implementation of energy resource saving projects. The solutions offered by us and our partners for energy generation in the form of synthesis gas (hydrogen) from RDF raw materials are sustainable and highly efficient.