Cogeneration maneuver capacity - an important element of stable and efficient energy

Cogeneration shunting electric power as important element of stable and efficient power supply.

We offer for consideration a set of 2 cogeneration units of 1982 kW of electrical power each (PERKINS / MWM) with the possibility of obtaining thermal energy (with a waste heat boiler).

Electric / thermal power (90C/70C) – 3964 kW / 6223 kW.
The resource for overhaul is 65000 hours (10-11 years of actual operation).
Natural gas consumption is 0.23 m3/1 kW*g or 911.72 m3/hour.
The gas pressure is average (according to the terms of reference, gas fittings will be installed).
Dimensions: 10 * 2.4 * 2.3 m. Weight 19000 kg.
Noise level (7 m) – 94 dB.

Delivery, commissioning, installation supervision are included in the price. The execution of the cost of installation work is determined after the approval of the project and can be performed by the Customer's own within the installation supervision. Service every year: 6000 EUR including VAT. The planned period of full operation is 150, 000 hours. The term for production is 120-135 calendar days from the date of subscription. Installation and commissioning – 30-45 working days. Two sets of basic equipment for 3964 kW of electrical power of 400 V / 50 Hz of open standard design cost: EUR 3,000,000 including VAT. This offer does not take into account the cost of connection to the gas and electricity network of the Customer (taken into account separately, in accordance with each object). The power plant is filled with oil and antifreeze with a rechargeable battery and an exhaust gas noise muffler. Guarantees – 24 months from the date of transfer to the Customer or 3000 hours of operation.

Also own power plant:
1) eliminates interruptions in external power supply due to the absence of production downtime and breakdowns of components during emergency outages;
2) allows the main production to work in the most convenient mode;
3) provides thermal energy to the main production (heating season);
4) payback period in the range of 6000-12000 hours, which is less than two years of operation;
5) saves the cost of connecting the main supplier to the electrical network.

We also offer the development and manufacture of equipment for the generation of electricity and heat on biomass and gas on the instructions of the Customer.

Terms of payment and delivery:
1) prepayment of 30% under the contract to start manufacturing equipment;
2) when the equipment is ready for shipment 60% under the contract;
3) upon launch on the territory of the Customer 10% under the contract.

We offer for consideration the supply of equipment for the generation of electrical energy on natural gas as a backup power source (or main), with the possibility of parallel production of thermal energy (cogeneration) as an option. Kits of 100 kW, 150 kW, 200 kW and 250 kW based on YMZ engines (0.30 m3/1 kW*g), sets of 400/480/620/840/1000/2000 kW based on DALGAKIRAN / MAN / CATERPILLAR / PERKINS / MWM engines (0.26-0.23 m3/1 kWh). The design is standard, either in a noise protection casing or container version. Automation and gas equipment in accordance with the terms of reference (made Germany and France).

Development of gas generating equipment on biomass (wood of varying degrees of grinding and humidity, etc.) to provide a fuel gas mixture of gas piston cogeneration units or gas turbines.

Public organization "Sustainable Development Fund of Ukraine" makes efforts to optimize and decarbonize the energy sector of our country through participation in the modernization of the energy component of enterprises and organizations and the implementation of energy resource saving projects. The electrical and thermal energy generation solutions offered by us and our partners are highly efficient.